I do have life outside of work, here are snapshots.

Visiting the Enchantments in the Alpine lakes wilderness

Washington - Summer 2022

4th of July river float with Brother and friends

Idaho - Summer 2022

Watching live music on the Deschutes

Oregon - Summer 2021

Biking to Waterfalls on the Mackenzie River

Oregon - Summer 2021

Chirstmas at a yurt in the San Juans

Colorado - Winter 2020

Biking with friends in Buena Vista

Colorado - Spring 2021

Skiing Copper mountain with friends and family.

Colorado - Winter 2020

Skinning to Polar Star 10th mountain division hut

Colorado - Winter 2020

Kayaking Waterton canyon

Colorado - Summer 2019

Mountain biking in Zermatt

Switzerland - Summer 2019

Mountain biking with friends at Trestle bike park

Colorado - Summer 2018

With my mother on Mt. Evans

Colorado - Summer 2017

Guiding friends and family.

Idaho - Summer 2015

Kayaking on the Arkanasa River

Colorado - Summer 2019

Family photo after Graduation

Colorado - Fall 2019

At the summit of Aspen Highlands

Colorado - Winter 2019

My and I skiing.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Winter 2019

Skiing copper mountain

Colorado - Winter 2020

My friend and I at the summit of Mt. Elbert

Colorado - Fall 2016

Picking up the crew after a flip on the south fork of the Payette river Idaho

Idaho - Summer 2014

Dumping the paddle crew at Little Falls, on the south fork of the Payette River

Idaho - Summer 2012

Kayaking Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River

Colorado - Summer 2017

Top of Eagle's Peak, Yosemite National Park

California - Summer 2018

Inspecting the Eastern Temples at Selinunte

Sicily, Italy - Summer 2016