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Time-sorted list of the publications to which I have contributed


R. Sherbondy, R. Smaha, C. Bartel, M. Holtz, K. Talley, B. Levy-Wendt, C. Perkins, S. Eley, A. Zakutayev, G. Brennecka. High-Throughput Selection and Experimental Realization of Two New Ce-Based Nitride Perovskites: CeMoN3 and CeWN3. Chemistry of Materials 34[15] (2022) 6883–6893

A. Greenaway, S. Ke, T. Culman, K. Talley, J. Mangum, K. Heinselman, R. Kingsbury, R. Smaha, M. Gish, E. Miller, K. Persson, J. Gregoire, S. Bauers, J. Neaton, A. Tamboli, A. Zakutayev. Co-design of zinc titanium nitride semiconductor towards durable photoelectrochemical applications. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2022) 144, 30, 13673–13687


K. R. Talley, C. L. Perkins, D. R. Diercks, G. L. Brennecka, A. Zakutayev. Synthesis of LaWN3 nitride perovskite with polar symmetry. Science 374[6574] (2021) 1488

K. R. Talley, R. White, N. Wunder, M. Eash, M. Schwarting, D. Evenson, J. D. Perkins, W. Tumas, K. Munch, C. Phillips, A. Zakutayev. Research data infrastructure for high-throughput experimental materials science. Patterns 2[12] (2021) 100373

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M. C. Papac, K. R. Talley, R. O’Hayre, A. Zakutayev. Instrument for spatially resolved, temperature-dependent electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of thin films under locally controlled atmosphere. Review of Scientific Instruments 92 (2021) 065105

D. Drury, K. Yazawa, A. Mis, K. R. Talley, A. Zakutayev, G. L. Brennecka. Understanding Reproducibility of Sputter Deposited Metastable Ferroelectric Wurtzite Al0.6Sc0.4N Films using In‐situ Optical Emission Spectrometry. physica status solidi (RRL) 15[5] (2021) 2100043


J. Kim, S. R. Bauers, I. Khan, J. Perkins, B. Park, K. R. Talley, D Kim, A.Zakutayev, B. Shin. Influence of hydrogen and oxygen on the structure and properties of sputtered magnesium zirconium oxynitride thin films. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8[18] (2020) 9364-9372


K. R. Talley, Understanding Piezoelectric Nitrides by Combinatorial Methods. PhD Dissertation. Colorado School of Mines - Materials Science Program - Department of metallurgical and materials engineering. (2019)

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K. R. Talley, S. R. Bauers, C. L. Melamed, M. C. Papac, K. N. Heinselman I. Khan, D. M. Roberts, V. Jacobson, A. Mis, G. L. Brennecka, J. D. Perkins, and A. Zakutayev. COMBIgor: data analysis package for combinatorial materials science ACS Combinatorial Science 21[7] (2019) 537-547

K. R. Talley, J. Mangum, C. Perkins, R. Woods-Robinson, A. Mehta, B. Gorman, G. L. Brennecka, and A. Zakutayev, Synthesis of lanthanum tungsten oxynitride perovskite thin films Advanced Electronic Materials (2019) 1900214

S. R. Bauers, D. M. Hamann, A. Patterson, J. Perkins, K. R. Talley, and A. Zakutayev. Composition, structure, and semiconducting properties of MgxZr2−xN2 thin films. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics [58] (2019) SC1015


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S. Manna, K. R. Talley, P. Gorai, J. Mangum, A. Zakutayev, G. L. Brennecka, V. Stevanović, and C. V. Ciobanu Enhanced Piezoelectric Response of AlN via CrN Alloying. Physical Review Applied [9] (2018) 034026

Y. Han, B. Matthews, D. Roberts, K. R. Talley, S. R. Bauers, C. Perkins, Q. Zhang, and A. Zakutayev Combinatorial Nitrogen Gradients in Sputtered Thin Films, ACS Combinatorial Science 20[7] (2018) 436-442

D. Wu, Y. Chen, S. Manna K. Talley, A. Zakutayev, G. Brennecka, C. Ciobanu, P. Constantine, and C. E. Packard Characterization of Elastic Modulus Across the (Al1-xScx)N System Using DFT and Substrate-Effect-Corrected Nanoindentation, IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control PP(99) (2018)


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R. Ubic, K. Tolman, K. R. Talley, B. Joshi, J. Schmidt, E. Faulkner, J. Owens, M. Papac, A. Garland, C. Rumrill, K. Chan, N. Lundy Lattice-constant pre- diction and effect of vacancies in aliovalently doped perovskites.Journal of Alloys and Compounds [644] (2015) 982-995


W. Wong-Ng, G. Liu, Y. Yan, K. R. Talley, J. Martin and J. Kaduk Crystal chemistry and Powder Diffraction Patterns for (Ba,Sr)2Co2Fe12O22and (Ba,Sr)Co2Fe16O27 Powder Diffraction (2014)

W. Wong-Ng, W. Laws, K. R. Talley, Q. Huang, J. Yan, and J.A. Kaduk Phase Equilibria and Crystal Chemistry of the CaO-(1/2)Nd2O3-CoOz Sys- tem at 885 °C in Air Journal Solid State Chemistry [215] (2014) 128-134

W. Wong-Ng, Y. Yan, M. Otani, J. Martin, K. R. Talley, S. Barron, D. L. Carroll, C. Hewitt, H. Joress, E. L. Thomas, M. L. Green, and X. F. Tang High Through-put Screening Tools for Thermoelectric Materials Journal of Electronic Materials (2014)


K R. Talley, SURFing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, American Cermaic Society Bulletin 92[8] (2013) 64